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HKU has been awarded as coordinating institution for 2 of the 6 projects funded to date through the Strategic Topics Grant (STG), and in a further 2 as a participant in projects coordinated by other local universities.

Launched in 2022 by the Research Grants Council, STG aims to support collaborative research in specific areas that can help Hong Kong overcome imminent challenges and capture emerging opportunities.  

2 Projects Awarded to HKU as Coordinator

Establishing Hong Kong as the Leading Integrated Circuits, and Opto-electronics Innovation and Technology Hub in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Photonic Integrated Platforms Based on Topological Physics

This project aims to revolutionise the design of integrated photonic circuits by applying the fundamental principles of topological physics. Specifically, it will implement novel concepts such as gauge field and non-Abelian topological pumping, topological singularities such as Dirac points and Weyl points, and non-Hermitian and supersymmetric physics, for the design of compact and dynamically tuneable integrated photonic circuits, leveraging the concept of synthetic dimensions in the parameter space and providing new design strategies to achieve robustness against fabrication errors.

Project Coordinator: Professor S. Zhang, Department of Physics (shuzhang@hku.hk)

Managing the Socio-economic Implications of Pandemic and Other Public Health Challenges

Improving Pandemic Preparedness by Reflecting on Experiences in the COVID-19 Pandemic from Different Perspectives

This project proposes a series of complementary research activities in four areas to identify efficient approaches to mitigate the socio-economic-mental health impact of future pandemics while controlling the threat posed to public health by infections. The overarching aim is to provide evidence that can improve global pandemic preparedness as well as an evidence base for future policy recommendations in Hong Kong and elsewhere. While a future pandemic could have different characteristics and therefore potentially requires a different set of control measures, the project aims to identify common principles and best practices that can be integrated into pandemic planning to guide public policy decisions in future pandemics.

Project Coordinator: Professor B.J. Cowling, School of Public Health (bcowling@hku.hk

HKU's Participation in Funded Projects Coordinated by Other Local Universities